Scott Creek

Suitable for people with moderate to high level backcountry skills and experience

Time: 8-10hrs, Full Day

The walk is 5 hours to the bushline and the route is irregularly marked and lightly trafficked. You start out on farmland and ascend quickly before being immersed in the bush and then surrounded by mountains. The track is steep and in some places parts are obscured or washed out.  Occasionally you need to follow the Scott Creek bed and walk across boulders and rocks.

If you have the time and energy upon leaving the bushline it is well worth hiking up to the basin, but the path is not clear so experience is required.

The start of the walk is situated north of Glenorchy and signposted near the Scott Creek bridge left on the Routeburn Road. From the old musterers hut, you can access the Caples Valley via Kay Creek.

WARNING: This track is irregularly marked and requires river crossings, which can be dangerous during high rainfall. You can be bluffed out at the saddle in poor visibility. Not recommended for children, route finding skills essential.